Baseball Advisory Board:

Dave Dombrowski, Long-time MLB Executive

President: Bill Waliewski

Vice-President: Ken Miller

Treasurer: Bill Motluck

Secretary: Al Budding

Board Members:

Rich Budziak
Dave Cook
Jim Hall
Art Kasak
Sara Kelm
Heather Mills
Mike Kashirsky

Honorary Board Members: Steve Spielman and Tony D’Anza

Club Committees

Membership Committee:

The membership committee shall consist of a chair person and no more than four members. It is the responsibility of this committee to solicit new members for the club. It is the further responsibility of this committee to periodically review the existing membership rolls to ensure that all current members remain eligible for membership in the club.

Dinner Committee:

The dinner committee shall consist of a chairperson, the current club vice-president, and no more than nine members. It is the responsibility of this committee to schedule and prepare for all aspects of the clubs annual awards dinner.

  • Ken Miller, Chairman
  • Bill Motluck
  • Jim Hall
  • Al Budding
  • Dave Cook
  • Bill Waliewski
  • Rich Budziak

Corporate Sponsorship Committee:

The committee shall consist of members who will help solicit corporate sponsorships for the club. The committee shall report to the club President, Board of Directors and general membership.

  • Bill Waliewski, Chairman

Media/Public Relations Committee:

The committee will be responsible for all media requests, press releases, advertising, and public relations for the club and shall report to the President, Board of Directors and general membership.

  • Heather Mills, Chairwoman
  • Tom Shaer

Website – Constant Contact Committee:

This committee will monitor the web site. They will obtain ideas from the members through constant contact. The ideas will be presented to the board by email, conference calls or meetings. The constant contact program will be used to send out quick messages to the members. If anyone has something they need to get out right away this is the committee to contact.

  • Heather Mills, Chairwoman
  • Bill Motluck

Members Meeting Committee:

This committee will be responsible for all members meetings. Their duties will include securing the facilities, guest speakers and food for all the members and board meetings.

  • Rich Budziak, Chairman

IBCA Committee:

The function of this committee is to establish a relationship and to communicate with the High School Association projects like showcases, coach’s clinics and more. Also to encourage high school coaches to become members.

  • Jim Hall, Chairman

Bylaws Committee:

This committee will review the by-laws at regular intervals to keep current. The Board will approve all changes.

  • Ken Miller, Chairman

Advisory Board:

The Advisory Board shall serve as special advisors to the club President on matters such as club membership, the showcase, the annual club dinner or any other matters where the club President needs special advice or review.