The Pitch and Hit Club of Chicago is a professional baseball organization that promotes the game of baseball in the Chicago area. The Pitch and Hit Club was formed by a group of Major League players and scouts in January of 1942, originally as a social organization.

Since its inception, the Club has grown substantially in size as well as its stature in the professional baseball community.

Past Presidents

Dennis Backus
Pete Caliendo
Rip Collins
John Dittrich
Don Elston

Herb Forkenbrock
Nick Etten-Orval Grove
AB “Vedie” Himsl
Mark Just
Nick Kamsic
John Klippstein
Don Kolloway

Chuck Koney
Art Kundle
Walter Laskowski
Fred Lietz
Ted Lyons
Ken Miller
Doug MInor
Scott Nelson
Edward Papciak
Bruce Philips
Ed Pienta

Bill Prince
John Rice
John Rigney
George Richie
Marv Samuel
Frank Scalise
Art Stewart
Bob Symkowski
Steve Vrablik

Bill Waliewski (current)
Guy Wellman